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Programming: Formulation of project goals and requirements as determined by all members of the project team.

Site Planning: Preliminary research and design of land uses, circulation, grading, and other relevant  project factors.

Building Design: Determination of design concepts and construction systems for the solution of the program requirements.


Construction Documents: Drawings and Specifications indicating the detail, quality, materials, and systems for the construction of the work.


Construction Phase services: Bidding & Negotiation with potential Contractors, Contract Administration & Observation through project completion.


The Design-Development Studios team of consultants and design professionals is led by Principal Architect, Michael L. Parks (C34173).

With over 30 years of combined architecture design and construction trades experience, you can be assured that our total commitment means your project will receive the highest quality of expertise and continuity from beginning to end.

"I strive to understand, and pursue intelligent solutions to maximize opportunity, and value for our clients."

-Michael L. Parks


DDS has a reputation for applying the necessary resources and talent needed to meet all deadlines and project deliverables without delays.

DDS has a diversity of production skills utilizing the most current technologies and graphic programs to develop designs and deliver projects in a professional and timely manner. DDS also employs the use of video conferencing technologies to communicate with clients and consultants as needed allowing DDS to participate in meetings virtually anytime, anywhere.

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